Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relocated abroad?...then Vote!

A comment left by a reader of the US and World Report article caught my eye. The person stated, "Living abroad is not for the vast majority of Americans because it requires a certain mentality of taking responsibility for ones actions while at the same time being willing to accept things you cannot change."

I liked this comment because it seemed to synthesize very well, point # 5 "Be flexible, but be principled" from my Top Five List for entrepreneur relocators in the previous post.
What I'm not so sure about is whether this mentality is only applicable to American citizens or really could be applied to anybody living abroad.

That being said, one thing that is only applicable to US citizens is our right to vote in the upcoming election. So for a couple of minutes, we need to turn off our living abroad mentality and stop accepting the fact that we cannot change anything where we find ourselves.

(full disclosure, I am a founding member of Democrats Abroad Argentina)

Here the recently founded, Democrats Abroad, Argentina works to register voters of any party affiliation at the weekly gathering in Sir Will's Pub and are planning several events around the Democratic National Convention, the debates and more. Full details can be found on the Democrats Abroad Argentina Website and on Yanqui Mike, who is the founder of the organization in Argentina.

If you are not in Argentina, Democrats Abroad is a worldwide organization. So unless you have relocated to the dark side of the moon... you don't have any excuse not to participate. Vote!


99 said...

Hey funding colleague, glad to see your DAA post!

Meghan said...

We love you, Jon! Thanks for the shout out and a very Happy Birthday to your special lady :)