Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome SOB'ers

Welcome new readers from the Second Official Successful-Blog Blog-to Show. If you found means you got all the way to 234 out of the 260 blog submissions. Congratulations! You are very persistent! I perused the show and added a couple blogs to my google reader. I was hoping BA would be the most obscure location...but in my opinion, the blogger in New Guinea won that a lot. Looks very cool!

A quick introduction: My name is Jonathan and I run an online tutoring company called Tutor Amigos. We tutor Math, Science and English to students who speak Spanish. "Up-Starts, Buenos Aires" is the lastest meta-morphisis of my blog. In general the blog covers the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur in a foreign location, basic start-up problems and of course, special emphasis is given to education. I also take special interest in anyone doing the start-up thing abroad and do my best to highlight them here. Do you know of any international start-ups who deserve some attention? Drop me a line and we can send them some blog love. They can be for-profit, non-profit, name it. You don't need twenty post stamps to send a care package any more!


Tom said...

Hi Jon,

We are up in Portland for the summer and return to BA in September.

Have been perusing various blogs about BA to keep my sanity. Living in the US is hard work and we cannot wait to get back to BA.

There is so much stuff that just does not make sense here--education being one of them. The work you are doing is such a logical extension of the use of technology for education and it will not be long before it becomes the norm.

Maya turns in her manuscript today ( so hopefully she will have some time to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Despite my bitching, Portland is pretty darn nice in the summer.


Jonathan said...

Hi Tom,

I'll be heading up to Boston to catch the end of summer and am very ready for a cook out, even if the meat won't be as good. :-)

Please send my congratulations to Maya on finishing her manuscript!

Having transferred my share of credits around colleges and arranged my own study abroad program to Nagoya (back in the day) I am VERY excited to see what the recommendations are.

Try to enjoy the summer while you can. I think you guys are going to be very busy once the book is out. The topic and the timing are perfect.

Robert@PNG said...

All the way from Papua New Guinea...

Thanks for the mention!

And I do it all over a meagre dialup connection! Must be one of the last places on earth that does not yet have easy access to anything faster than 56.