Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving Abroad? Get insider info from expats on the ground anywhere

I'm not sure if this counts as part of one's 15 minutes of fame, but I got interviewed for No lights, no camera, just a little action: a pleasant email from a woman named Lizza asking me to fill out a questionnaire about living in Argentina that would be posted to their website.

Getting random emails from people who you don't know, asking you to spill your guts about a place and yourself, to be published on somebody else's web page can be emotional. I felt surprised when I received the mail, followed by a little suspicious, then curious and finally convinced. All in less than 10 minutes. What a roller coaster!

What convinced me to do it was:

  1. The quality of interviews already published and information available about the owners of the site
  2. The overall value this site gives to those looking to move abroad (not just Argentina, but anywhere)
  3. Link Love
  4. The fact that a couple of the interviews are with expats I know here to be good peeps
This site is a must read for anyone looking to move abroad. Though my responses and my shout out links for other interesting sites in Argentina were pared down , none of my thoughts, opinions or recommendations were changed. Multiply this by the hundreds of interviews from hundreds of countries and you have some fascinating insight into taking your next step.

Check out the full interview at:

What other sources would you recommend for wanna-be or gotta-be expats?

Update 9/23/08: After reading this post, Lizza sent an email to me apologizing for the missing links explaining it was an oversight and that she had made the corrections. In my opinion, this is yet another reason why deserves your participation. Thanks Lizza for your follow up.

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