Monday, September 29, 2008

VP Debate this Thursday

Ready for round 2? After a full house last Friday, DAA is back at El Sacramento, this time for the VP debate between Fearless Joe and Painful (to listen to) Palin.

Everybody expects this to be a route, but to tell you the truth, I'm worried. Why? Well, what does Palin have to lose? If you have seen her interviews, especially the last one on CBS with Katie Couric, that inspired the equally funny SNL skit,

she has set the bar so low that everyone expects Biden to sweep the floor with her. John McCain has been forced into heroic efforts to divert the public's attention from his running mate. But given Biden's history of putting his foot in his mouth and the easier debate format insisted upon by the McCain campaign, I think Palin may escape unscathed and maybe even have a shot at a hail mary.

Who do you think will get the best of the VP debate?

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