Friday, October 3, 2008

Startups Buenos Aires After Office, Wed Oct 8th, 7pm @ Casa Bar

This coming Wednesday at 7pm, StartUps Buenos Aires is organizing a free After Office at Casa Bar Rodriguez Peña 1150 and Santa Fe, (+5411) 4816 2712. There will be special discounts and a happy hour available to our group. Join the StartUps Buenos Aires facebook group for details.

My friend Tom and I recently lamented the small number of social gatherings for Solopreneurs like us. People who have started a business, work from home or in a small office and looking for opportunities to socialize with others in the same boat. So this is our attempt at filling this gap: StartUps Buenos Aires.

I've written previously about the importance of those starting up a business or even just their new life abroad to connect with in-the-know expats and locals. I have my thoughts, but it's always best to get as wide array of opinion from as many people as possible. This will be an opportunity to do just that in a casual way.

In particular, I am encouraging folks to invite their Argentine Startup friends to our After Offices and to join our StartUps Buenos Aires Facebook Group. It seems to me there is an untapped potential for Argentine and Expat Entrepreneurs to help each other, both online and off. I would love to see more of this happen.

Finally, the StartUps Buenos Aires Facebook group page encourages Shameless Self Promotion. I hate to even admit how fuzzy I am on the details of what some of my new friends do here, let alone how I could help them out. So the space is open for folks to introduce themselves, their business and whatever else they are looking for from the group. No need for apologies, because we all understand how it is.

And you will have an opportunity once a month to shake the hand, pat the back or buy a beer for those new and old friends who make something happen for your business, or maybe even twist an arm for those who don't. ;-)

Again, please join us on Wednesday Oct. 8th from 7pm at Casa Bar to kick things off.



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